My Psychiatrist Dumped Me. What’s Next?

My Psychiatrist Dumped Me.

My psychiatrist dumped me.

Not that it wasn’t for good reasons. I had missed too many appointments and it went against their policy. I get it. I had to be dropped. It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t suck though.

I loved my psychiatrist. We had an amazing fit and we really connected. She truly cared about my mental well being and it showed. I hadn’t had a psychiatrist like her in about 10 years.

My psychiatrist dumped me. What’s next?

When my psychiatrist’s office called me to notify that I was being dropped, they started going over what would be next for me. Thankfully, they would ensure that I had 5-6 refills on my medications so that it could give me enough time to find another doctor who could take over my medication management. They said that even though I was being dropped, they still wanted me to check in and notify them if I was feeling suicidal.

Confusing, right?

Then they let me know that they would be forwarding my paperwork and “chart” so to speak to my primary care provider. After this sudden amount of information, then they asked, “Are you okay?”

No. No, I’m not okay. I was just dropped by an amazing psychiatrist. This was just another thing that I fucked up on in my life. How the Hell am I going to find another doctor who was as amazing as she was?

A few weeks later, I’ve come to terms with it. I’m not angry anymore. Their office provided me the steps to ensure that I could find another doctor. They also mentioned that they would still be there for me, even though I wasn’t a patient anymore. This was also a blessing in disguise as I had just gotten a job at a healthcare company. This gives me the opportunity to switch my care to that hospital and seek psychiatric care from them.

So, were you dumped by your psychiatrist? Are you wondering what’s next?

Make sure you answer your phone calls from them.

I am definitely the first to say that I hate answering phone calls, but it’s important that you do to keep an open communication. Ask your (now former) psychiatrist’s office what they plan to do to help you transition. A good doctor will make sure that you have someone lined up before they completely stop handling your medications. A good doctor wants to make sure that you receive your medication and don’t have to suddenly come off of them. Their office should forward your paperwork to your primary care provider, if you have one. If not, you need to find a doctor. It sucks having to adult and do some research for a doctor, including making phone calls, but you also need to make sure you are seeing someone you can trust.

Know that this transition can be a little tricky, but it could be that this was for the best. Maybe some sort of divine intervention is in play and you’re meant to seek professional care from someone else.

Don't give up on finding a new doctor.

Either way, hang in there. Don’t give up on finding a doctor. Don’t give up hope and think that there aren’t any good doctors left, because there are. And remember, your former psychiatrist does care. They know you are serious about your mental health care, but they also need to follow their policies. They need to make sure there’s room for others who need care, too.

To break it down, here are your next steps:

  • Keep open communication between your (now former) psychiatrist.
  • Ensure they forward your chart and other paperwork to your primary care provider.
  • Ask if they have any other psychiatrists in mind.
  • Do some research for a new doctor. If you find someone, ask your primary care provider for a referral.
  • Ensure you have enough medication refills until you can see a new doctor.
  • Maintain your self care during the transition.

My Psychiatrist Dumped Me.



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