Baby Shower Registry Must-Haves

Baby Registry
* Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on the link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no cost to you. 🙂 All my opinions are my own.

Excitement, giddiness, and straight-up terror may be a few of the things you’re feeling as you plan your baby shower. This. Is. It. You are this much closer to meeting your little one in person! As soon as I hit the second trimester, I honestly started building my baby registry. Once I started building it, I could not stop! I wanted ALL the products for my daughter. Plus, being a first-time mom, I was confused about what products were best, especially when it comes to diapers, wipes, and other skin care. Thankfully I have two sisters-in-law that helped me narrow down some products.

Today, I’m sharing some baby shower registry must-haves. I have split the list up into practical and essential items, and then at the end, there are big-ticket items. Of course, this list is just a few items, so be sure to look through Amazon/Target to find the other products you may need.

Practical/Essential Items:

Huggies Diapers


Diapers, diapers, diapers! Every registry has to include diapers. After research and looking over reviews, it looks like Huggies has the best. One thing I look forward to doing at my baby shower is offering a diaper raffle! Include on your invite for people to bring a package of diapers (any size!), in addition to a gift, to be included to win a prize/gift card. It worked really well for my sister-in-law and I’m excited to see the results at my shower.

Oxo Tot Bottle Brush and Stand

tot bottle.jpg

This bottle brush is perfect for so many reasons! This brush has a combination of soft and hard bristles to help clean the baby bottles effectively, and a stand for better space-saving in your kitchen. Not only is it cute in teal, but this bad boy is dishwasher-safe (heck yes!).

Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier


Okay, so my husband and I actually already have this amazing humidifier, so I had to include it in this post. It is the best humidifier. It is a cool-mist so it keeps the room cool and feeling clear, which surprisingly is nice in the winter!. It also has vents for Vicks scent pads so that the mist can be a wonderfully soothing menthol to help clear out your sinuses. My husband and I fill it with water and put it on full blast. The tank, at full mist power, will last about 8-9 hours.

Philips Avent Soothie


My sister-in-law swears by these binkies, soothies, what-have-you. What’s nice is that they are compact and small enough for younger babies. At least if they get lost, there’s not a big worry as they’re not super special looking. 🙂



Okay everyone, I just have to mention that I used to work as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant, and I swear by Desitin. We had to use these on our elderly residents to protect their skin if they were incontinent. It’s the same way with babies! You won’t regret Desitin for all your diaper rash needs. It even helps with chafing for yourself!

Extra/Wanted Items:

Of course it’s fun to add some of these big-ticket items to your baby registry. The beauty of Amazon and Target registries is that they allow your guests to buy a larger gift together. These are just a few of the items that I think are must-have extra items!

Blooming Bath Lotus

blooming bath.jpg

Luckily I was given this as a hand-me-down from a friend. She says it is better than a bathtub for newborns as the lotus allows them to float softly, and the petals surround them to keep them safe. The material is extremely soft for your little one, which is better than plastic on the newborn tub, or even the weird stretchy water-proof material that can be on newborn tubs.

Graco Simple Sway Swing

Graco swing

I had to add this on to my own registry. I always read about how amazing bouncers/swings are for when you have to get some stuff done around the house, or even, you know, shower. This swing is not only affordable compared to other swings, but it also can be plugged in so you save a ton of money on batteries.

Owlet Smart Sock 2

owlet monitor

The Owlet Sock was something I debated putting on my registry due to the cost, but I just had to. As someone with severe anxiety, and this being my first baby, I don’t see a cost associated with knowing your baby is sleeping safely and breathing. This amazing sock tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels, and the app will notify you if the levels have dropped. Reading some reviews, there may be a few false alarms (if baby moves, or if the sock falls off), but I’d rather have a few false alarms than not knowing my baby’s vitals.

Graco Pack ‘N Play

pack n play

Pack ‘N Plays are a lifesaver! I added one to my registry primarily to be used for when my husband and I travel. However, there are many uses for this bad boy! It’s safer for my baby than an exer-saucer or Bumbo chair in terms of development if I need to put her down to get something down. It’s also versatile as many Pack ‘N Plays come with added changing stations. Some even have a bouncer included! I’ve heard of some parents using a Pack ‘N Play as a crib as it’s more budget-friendly. Either way, it’s a must-have for any baby registry.

As I mentioned at the beginning, these are just a few select items that I find as must-haves for a baby registry. Don’t forget to include essential items along with some wanted items to make sure you get a good mix of gifts. For a registry, I recommend Amazon. If you “finish” their baby registry checklist (as in check off all the items they recommend), and have a $10 purchase from your registry, they will send you a box full of baby goodies for free!

Are there any other must-haves you think I should add to my registry? Let me know in the comments!

Baby Registry

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